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When Only the Best Will Do for Your Pet!

With over 45 years combined experience, Gary D. Van Winkle DVM and Clint A. McCoy's goal is to keep your pets healthy and happy with a variety of services from the Animal Clinic of Lawrenceville in Lawrenceville, IL., founded in June 1986.  A major renovation to the clinic in 2011 nearly doubled its size and greatly reduced congestion and improved traffic flow thru the clinic.  A new boarding facility was also added. 

The Animal Clinic of Lawrenceville provides a wide range of pet care services including boarding. An on site professional groomer is available by appointment.  Our experienced staff will ensure that special member of your family is given the very best of care.

Our knowledge and experience allow you to feel confident you have chosen the highest quality of service available.

At the Animal Clinic of Lawrenceville we know you have put your trust in us to make sure your pet receives the unique attention it deserves while providing genuine compassion for you and your pet.

By keeping owners up to date and informed with every decision regarding the well-being of their pet you are assured peace of mind at affordable prices.  Prices quoted to you for a procedure includes ALL costs.  There are no hidden fees.  If the procedure is more entailed than estimated, you will be contacted for approval of the incrase cost that will be incurred.

Our clinic's patient records are fully computerized and back-up of this important information is provided by an off site company in the event that our system is compromised.  The Climic is also equipped with state of the art on site blood chemistry and CBC machines which helps with diagnosing and treating your pet's health issue much faster.  We also have X-ray, ultrasound, and advanced dental center. Cryosurgery (freezing treatment) is available when necessary.  Blood oxygen and heart monitors are used on every anesthetized patient. We have a wide variety of anesthetic agents when your pet needs surgery, etc. We chose which is the best considering  your pets age, health pre-existing conditions to minimize the risk of anesthesia as much as possible.  We DO NOT use a single anesthetic agent for every procedure like many other veterinary clinics do.  Every anesthetized patient is entubated (tube placed into their windpipe) to provide supplemental oxygen and a very safe gas anesthetic, isoflurane, if additional anesthesia is needed.  All surgical and dental patents receive a prophylactic pain medication during the procedure and more may be sent home if its deemed additional pain relief is needed during the days followingg the procedure.There are web based live cameras that allow us to view a hospitalized pet at any time we are away from the clinic from literally anywhere in the world!  Boarding for your pet when you need to be away from home is available and weekend discharge of boarded pets is available upon request.  After hour emergency services are available.  The clinic has fire and burglary alarms monitored remotely 24 hours a day by Vanguard Security in Evansville, IN.  We also provide an on site cremation service.

The Animal Clinic of Lawrenceville provides some large animal services like Coggins testing and vaccination for horses.  Some vaccines and parasite control products and necessary blood tests for the exhibition or sale of cattle and swine are also available. Health papers for exhibition or travel of large animals are also available.  Several large animal medications, such as dewormers, vaccines, and antibiotics are kept in stock in our pharmacy.  Any special large animal products can be ordered and usually received the next day.

We strive to keep all our medications, flea and tick products, and heartworm prevention products at prices that are at or below our competitors and internet and Wal-Mart pharmacy prices.  o your address.  For our clients who live a long distance from the clinic or are unable to get ro the clinic to pick up supplies, we mail refills of prescriptions for your pet to your home.  If you are out of town or and your pet needs a refill of its medication(s) we will mail them to you or provide prescriptions to any local veterinarian in your area. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help provide the special care your family member deserves.

Appointments are preferred.  Our office hours are:8AM-5PM Mon thru Fri      8AM-Noon-Sat 

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